YENİ ELEKTRİK ÜRETİM A.Ş, a partnership of UNIT Investment NV and Ansaldo Energia, was founded in 2007.

YENİ ELEKTRİK ÜRETİM A.Ş. applied for the Generation License to EMRA and obtained its license in 2008 and entitled for the right to construct a generation facility in Dilovası IMES OSB, Kocaeli.

The construction works of 865 MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant started in 2011. Provisional Acceptance was approved by the Ministry of Energy after completion of the construction works in December 2013 and electricity generation has been started.

Due to its location being in the vicinity of an intensive power consumption zone, 865 MWe of YENİ ELEKTRİK CCGT supplies electricity to many nearby residential consumers and industrial facilities within the city of İstanbul and neighboring area via the national electricity transmission network.


  • Meet the expectations of our customers
  • Being open-minded to change, progress and innovation
  • Closely monitor the new technologies and be the first to implement
  • By utilizing our resources effectively, generate electricity in a competitive and environmental friendly way.
  • Assure a healthy and safe workplace for our employees
  • By promoting the team work spirit, assure an efficient operation


  • By the virtue of its professional team and experienced human resource, become a preferred brand in electricity generation. Become the Turkish electricity market leader and one of the main market players in its region.