The Combined Cycle Power Plant, supplied by Ansaldo Energia SpA in Gebze/Turkey under the EPC Contract, consists of two Gas Turbines, two Heat Recovery Steam Generators and a Steam Turbine with a total generating capacity of 865 MWe.

Each Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine have seperate generators and step-up transformers from which electricity is exported via three 380 kV transmission lines to the TEIAS grid.

The Heat Recovery Steam Generators and Steam Turbine have three pressure levels and reheat system with an Air Cooled Condenser.

The Power Plant is supplied by natural gas coming from BOTAS national gas network.

Raw water is supplied by Izmit Municipal Water Company (ISU) via IMES OSB pipeline. In addition, there are two wells dedicated to the supply raw water to the Plant by a dedicated pipeline. The raw water is mainly used to make demineralized water on site.


Power Plant Main Components;

  • Gas Turbines;
  • Model: AE 94.3.A4
    Capacity: 294MWe
    Combustion chamber: annular type, equipped with 24 burners, dry NOx reduction
    Generator: synchronous, three-phase, two-pole, 50 Hz-3000 rpm, air cooled
    Start-up system: Static Frequency Converter (SFC)
    Excitation: Static Excitation System
  • Steam Turbine;
  • Model: Ansaldo RT 30 C
    Type: three-pressure (High, Intermediate and Low Pressure) type with reheat system
    Generator: synchronous, three-phase, two-pole, 50 Hz-3000 rpm, air cooled
    HP and IP are single flow while section LP instead dual flow
    Steam discharge downwards into the large diameter duct which connects the ST with Air
    Cooled Condenser
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators:
  • Manufacturer: STF
    Type: yatay
    Three level-pressure
    Natural circulation
    Reheat section and deaerator
  • Step-Up Transformers:
  • Manufacturer: Alstom
    Three transformers
    18 kV/380 kV
    320 MVA
  • Air Cooled Condenser:
  • 100% by-pass capability
    42 modules with fans
    Condensate collection tank
    Vacuum extraction system
  • Auxiliary Steam System:
  • Provide steam for steam turbine seals for quick start-up

Construction began in 2011 865 MWe natural gas combined cycle power plant installed capacity in the construction was completed and provisional acceptance in December 2013 by the Department of energy by the production of electricity started.